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A Few Alternatives for Adding Privacy and Sound Insulation to Your Patio Space

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Your home could have a very lovely and spacious patio or deck area in the backyard or side yard, but if you feel as if you're always being stared at by your neighbours or can easily hear their conversations, you may not enjoy that space at all. To be comfortable and really relax, you'll want some privacy and sound insulation in your backyard; however, you may not want to build a huge privacy wall and make the space seem like a compound. To keep the patio or deck welcoming and cosy, and to still ensure some separation from the neighbours, note a few alternatives to discuss with a contractor when it comes to your patio space.

Hedges and privacy trees

Thick hedges can block both the view and the sound between you and your neighbours, while still offering beautiful and lush greenery. Try north privet for a nice green hedge that you can trim into a boxy look that is very manicured or arborvitae for something a bit more rustic and natural looking. For fragrant flowers with your hedges, plant lilac or hydrangea bushes.

If you prefer a taller hedge to provide privacy around a pool or for neighbours who have an upper balcony that overlooks your space, consider privacy trees. Olive trees grow tall and thick but rarely need pruning, and dogwood trees are a strong red colour that can add lots of visual interest as well as privacy and noise insulation.

Alternative walls

A thick wood privacy fence can give you separation from your neighbours, but it can also look very imposing. A nice tall trellis can be a good alternative. Plant flowering vines at the bottom of the trellis and let them grow through the slats for colour. You might also ask a contractor about making up a wall for your patio that has a wood frame but frosted glass in the middle; the frosted coating blocks the view while still allowing in lots of sunlight.

Outdoor blinds

Outdoor blinds are much less imposing than a privacy fence, as you can easily roll them up when they're not needed. Fabric blinds can also absorb sound rather than allowing it to pass through, and thick blinds with a dense weave can block out light and wind, creating a comfortable environment on your patio. These blinds can be installed on a very small frame or inside a patio wall, and come in an endless variety of colours and patterns that easily coordinate with your patio furniture and cushions.