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4 Different Styles You Can Adopt To Make Your Blinds Stand Out

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Blinds are a great way to cover up your windows and make your property look attractive, from the inside and the outside. Functionally, blinds also offer you the flexibility of controlling how much light and privacy your indoor spaces are getting. If you want to make your blinds more stylish and better-fitting for your home, try out the different stylish ideas below.

Ditch plain colors for patterns

Most blinds you will find today feature plain colors. These range from red to blue, brown, yellow and other rainbow colours and shades. While plain colors are fine, you can go for something a bit more daring by getting blinds with patterns on them. This is easier to do with roman blinds and roller blinds as they are made of fabric. With your blinds having colorful patterned designs, your windows will look unique and more sophisticated.

Try out multi-colored blinds

Another way to make your blinds bolder is to try adding more color to them, literally. With multi-coloured blinds, each slat on your venetian or vertical blind features a different color or shade than the next. Multi-coloured blinds will definitely make your spaces more lively and colorful. You can then match the different colors on the blinds with your indoor decor to achieve color coordination.

Turn your blinds into pieces of art with collage blinds

Collage blinds work well with large windows. In this window design, you have several blinds installed, and each blind looks different than the other. However, together they form a beautiful pattern or image, turning your windows into works of art. You can use roller or roman blinds, which, when pulled down, create a singular image or pattern. You can also go for a simpler design using venetian and vertical blinds.  When pulled down, each blind has a different color but together they blend well to create a complete design.

Double your style with dual blinds 

Last but not least, you make your blinds, and windows, stand out by using dual blinds. This is a unique style where you install two blinds (roller or roman) on each window, each in front of the other. The idea is to have a one look when the inner blind is opened, and a second look when both are pulled down. This lets you change up the look of your windows in an instant. You can also adapt this design to help with lighting and privacy. You can have a thin inner blind acting as a sheer and the outer thicker blind acting as the light blocker.

All the above stylish blind designs will definitely improve your window treatment and make your indoor spaces look amazing.