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4 Signs You Should Opt for a Stainless Steel Kitchen Splashback

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If you're looking to install a splashback, it's common to go for one of the more conventional materials. Be that as it may, there are a number of great reasons to consider a stainless steel splashback instead.

Here are just four signs that you should go for a stainless steel splashback.

1. You Want an Ultra-Modern Kitchen

Most splashbacks are made using tiles, which can be tricky to fit around a more modern kitchen. All you can really do is have them in a deep black, but even that won't be as complementary to a modern design as stainless-steel. Sleek and unbroken, stainless-steel splashbacks work perfectly with the most up to date kitchen designs, and they allow you to coordinate with stainless-steel appliances, such as toasters, kettles, and even fridge freezers.

2. You Want Something Easy to Clean

Of course, everyone would prefer their splashbacks to be easy to clean, but many homeowners don't list this is a key priority. If you think that dealing with the dirty grouting and rough, porous surface of ceramic tiles is worth having them, then that's fine, but stainless-steel splashbacks are perfect for people who really value practicality. Since the surface of stainless steel is non-porous, it's pretty much impossible for bacteria to find a place to thrive. All you need to clean stainless-steel is warm soapy water and a sponge. Better yet, stainless-steel splashbacks will not discolour over time and will never require polishing or resealing.

3. You Want to Save Your Budget

Stainless steel might at first seem like quite an expensive option for a splashback material, especially compared to something as simple as tiles. The thing is, you need quite a few tiles to create a splashback, and even those that are mass produced are generally going to cost more than a thin section of stainless-steel. Additionally, installation will usually be less expensive since tradesmen won't have to individual fit your splashback tile by tile.

4. You Have a Small Kitchen

Kitchens are often the social centres of the house, so it can be disappointing when yours is a little on the smaller side. Unfortunately, this is quite common, but you can use a stainless-steel splashback to help your kitchen look that little much larger. Because stainless-steel is quite reflective, it helps make smaller rooms seem more open and expansive than they really are. Firstly, it reflects light; secondly, it doesn't seem to block your line of sight so immediately.