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5 Important Elements of a Bathroom

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Bathrooms are an extremely important part of any household as it is where every household spends time getting ready for the day as well as debriefing afterwards. This book-ending role the bathroom serves means that what you put in it has to be sturdy, reliable and durable. If you think those three things sound expensive, you are right. Bathrooms can be quite expensive to set up but remember that once you have done your bathroom well you won't have to tinker with it too much afterwards. Here is a quick examination about the foundational elements you need in your bathroom.


Vanities are the centrepiece to most bathroom designs — and for good reason. Almost all your facial care and oral hygiene products and appliances will be there and it usually provides  the only mirror in the bathroom that allows you to make sure what you do in the bathroom has purpose and is accurate. These requirements leave a lot of room for bathroom vanities to experiment with design so you will find a lot of very unique pieces when you start looking for one, which can be a blessing and a curse. Remember that functionality in a bathroom is key, and that you also want to incorporate whichever design you choose into your whole bathroom to make it uniform. Choose a vanity with lots of space and one that is simple to keep clean and you can't go wrong. Alternatively if you are looking for a more interesting vanity go for it, but know the added time it will take to clean it and the reduced storage.


There are many options for showers in the contemporary bathroom landscape but a key aspect of most showers is water conservation. Pick a showerhead with a good environmental rating that doesn't sacrifice water power. Depending on your bathrooms size you may be need to pick a shower with more confined quarters but if you have the option definitely look to make use of a larger, more open shower with a dividing wall. Remember you tend to move around quite a bit in a shower and the space you add in might not seem like much now but after years of use you will notice it. Finding every little bit of space you can is key when planning your shower.


Often houses in Australia will have a separate toilet room rather than having it in the main bathroom but nevertheless it is still a crucial part of the bathroom. Again, water consumption is very important and you should try and connect your toilet to a grey water system if you can so you are using recycled instead of fresh water. Other than that do not cheap out on a toilet, especially the seat. You can develop bad backaches if you do not get proper support out of your toilet seat and in general it is just unpleasant to dread going to the toilet. 


Lighting in a bathroom is very crucial and you should have multiple sources of lighting in your main bathroom. In the morning you want to be able to have harsher, accurate light so you can prepare for the day. On the weekends and at night, however, you want lighting that is more pleasant and relaxing so look for some soft lighting options. Adding in light heaters is also an option and you should build a ventilation system as well so your bathroom can un-steam after heavy use. 


With all the main items of a bathroom taken care of you should not forget to get quality accessories, which range from floor mats to a waste basket that will stand the test of time.You want a properly furnished bathroom so you enjoy your time there because you will be in there a lot. Common things that you might want to think about buying include floor mats that are comfortable but not hard to clean, cups for your toothbrushes,  a place to hang your shampoo and conditioner from in the shower, a scale, towel racks, a laundry basket and a shower radio.