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Benefits of Custom Security Screens for Your Home

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Security screens are becoming increasingly popular with many homeowners. There are several options available at most home improvement stores. The problem is that many of these options may appear too industrial for your home. If this is the case, a custom order can be ideal. Here are some benefits of custom order security screens for your home and what to know about each benefit. 

Custom Designs

One of the leading benefits of custom security screens is the ability to have design options. For example, you may want to have certain scroll work or other decorative patterns added to the screen. These do not detract from the security features of the door in any way. In fact, some of the custom designs are available in durable metals that can make breaking into the door even harder. If you have a specific pattern in mind, most custom builders can handle the drafting of the design and completed work without having to use a third party.

Environmental Choices

When you buy a security screen door from a home improvement center, your options may be limited. This can be an issue when you live in an area with specific environmental concerns. For example, if you live in an area with a high level of salt air from bodies of saltwater, you may experience severe rusting. This means you need a security door that is resistant to the salt air. For those specific types of needs, a custom security screen door is ideal. You can request a material that fits the resistance needs you have and ensure your door lasts longer.

Custom Door Sizes

There is a misconception that the only kind of security screen door available is in a standard door size. The truth is, you can have a custom door created in any size that you need. For example, if you need a traditional security screen on the front door, but need another for a set of french doors in the back of the home, you can have this done. Your contractor will simply take the measurements and create the door you need. They can install the doors and make any adjustments necessary. 

When you are ready to order your custom security screen, contact your local door and home contractor. They can help with options as well as suggestions that may work well with your home. You can also request certain additions to the security screen, such as upgraded locks and features. Pricing and installation questions can also be answered during consultation appointments.