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Why Home Water Filters Are So Important For Families With Children

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Water is the most basic and yet most important resource that any Australian has access to, With that in mind, it makes sense that many Australians want to control exactly what is in their water, especially if they have children in the house. Home water filters not only make your water taste better but also ensure that the chances of a leak in the water supply, which happens more than you would think, does not affect you or your family. Here is a brief explanation of how you can get home water filters installed and start reaping the benefits.

Why Home Water Filters Are Necessary

Many Australians live out in rural areas where the water supply is less than superb. While the big cities enjoy many levels of filtration and added chemicals, smaller rural areas are lucky to get half of that. Home water filters can weed out any of the nasty bacteria and sediments that get through these more rudimentary filters in the country. That does not mean that home water filters are useless in the city, as they simply replace the government filtration with a more effective and less invasive process. If you and your children hate the taste of the fluoride, for example, then a home water filter will remove it while still keeping the water safe to drink.

How They Are Installed

Home water filters are very easy to install, but there are two distinct types of home water filter that you need to know about before making your choice. They are:

  • Single tap water filter: these are located at the base of your faucet and filter the water for that tap or outlet only. 
  • Whole-house filtration system: these much larger filter devices are put on the connecting water line to your home so every drop of water that gets into your house is filtered.

For rural areas, a whole-house filtration system is recommended, but in the city, you can safely get away with a single tap filter.

How Much Do They Cost

Water filters cost a lot less than you might expect, given how much they work they actually do. You can find single tap water filters for as little as $15 dollars, though some can cost in the $100s, while whole house water filters start around $450 to $700. This does not include the installation cost, which is sometimes free depending on the company. From there you are all set, with pure drinking water available for you and your family anytime you want. 

Reach out to a professional who provides home water filters for more information.