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3 Reasons to Install Sunshades in Your Mall's Car Park

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If you have a dedicated car park next to your mall, then you make things easier for your customers. They can park right outside your building when they come to shop with you.

However, outdoor car parks have some problems. They are out in the open. To improve the service you give your customers, you can install commercial sunshades over your parking spaces.

What are the benefits of doing this?

1. Keep Cars Cool

If your customers' cars sit outside in the sun without any cover, then they will get hot on sunny days. If someone parks and then spends a few hours shopping in your stores, then their vehicle will be hot, uncomfortable and stuffy when they get back in it.

If you install commercial sunshades in your car park, then you shade every vehicle that parks with you. The shades absorb and deflect the heat of the sun. So, your customers will come back to cool and comfortable cars that don't feel overheated.

2. Avoid Environmental Problems

If you leave a car out in the open, then it could suffer from environmental problems and damage. For example, it could get splattered with bird droppings and tree sap. A hailstorm could damage the car's paintwork; even a rain shower could take the shine off a newly cleaned car.

While this might be a minor inconvenience to customers who don't stay in your car park for long, it can be more of a problem for people who work in your mall. If someone leaves their car outside all day on every working day, then they could end up with some UV damage. Their car's paintwork and interior furnishings and fixtures could fade.

If you install a sunshade with UV protection, then you eliminate sun damage. Plus, the cover acts as a barrier to prevent anything from falling onto cars. They'll stay cleaner and will be better protected.

3. Attract More Customers

Even free parking won't be enough to encourage some people to park in your mall's car park if it is out in the open. If they aren't happy because their cars get too hot or dirty when they shop with you, then they might shop somewhere else that has covered space or an interior car park.

Commercial sunshades show that you are investing in your mall. They are an added professional touch that makes life easier for people who use your car park. You'll attract more customers and keep your staff happier if you cover your parking spaces.

To find out more about the benefits of installing commercial sunshades, contact commercial façade design specialists.