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Six Reasons to Install Plantation Shutters on Your Windows

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You've probably noticed how more and more houses are opting for a full set of made-to-measure, plantation-style wooden shutters across all their exterior windows, particularly the front-facing ones. They're a great choice for almost all homes--and here are six reasons to consider having them installed in yours.

They're energy-efficient and should help keep down your bills all year long

Plantation shutters help shut out draughts in the colder months and keep rooms shaded from the sun in the warmer ones, meaning they can go a long way toward reducing bills from both central heating and air conditioning.

Most are made of wood, so they're easy to repaint when it's time for a new look

No matter how often you like to redesign your home, these shutters will blend right in. Most take the same kinds of gloss paint as skirting boards and other interior woodwork.

There's no other option that protects your privacy as effectively as shutters

Curtains can fall open or be blown aside, get moved by pets and children or hang with gaps around the edges, even when you've drawn them closed. Shutters have none of these problems. When they're been shut, there's no way to peek in around them.

Some models give you much more control over how much light enters the room

Some plantation shutters have adjustable slats, making them a great way to keep the sunrise from waking you up at dawn every morning or to brighten a space up in the middle of the day. They're not blackout curtains, but you might be surprised by how much of a difference they can make.

Made-to-measure options are a great choice for homes with non-standard windows

Not all homes have standard windows in standard sizes. If you have odd little nooks and crannies, bays with unusual angles or windows in unusually small spaces, you've probably found it difficult to get curtain rails or blinds to fit, but plantation shutters are usually custom-made to measure, and they'll work in any window you choose them for.

A stylish choice like this could add to the overall value of your home when it's time to sell

These shutters have been popular for years, and even when styles change, their clean looks and practical benefits remain clear. No single factor can totally change the value of a home, but plantation shutters are one of a number of things that can help your property seem more appealing to potential buyers.

For more information about plantation shutters, reach out to a local service.